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"We close the loop and help clients follow through."

Our Elomax team includes a consortium of experienced professionals, developers, companies, and financers who provide business development expertise, financing, support, and strategy execution to project developers globally.  Service Areas include:

Property Development

Elomax assists clients in real estate developments that include and not limited to residential subdivisions with low or high income homes, industrial and office complexes, condominiums, hotel, retail projects, airports, and energy complexes.  In addition, we provide construction financing to qualified developers.  We come with a team of designers, architects and technical advisers that can help you from the dream stage to the completion of your building development.

Financial Brokerage

The team with its significant years of experience in banking, finance and private lending sectors have relationships with a broad and results-oriented network of lenders who are looking for lending opportunities in real estate and development projects. The Elomax team will negotiate the best terms and conditions, customizing them to the needs of our clients.

Building Solutions

Elomax represents one of the largest Building-Solutions Company providing the design, manufacture, and marketing of concrete building systems for homes and commercial construction. The main fields of specialization are advanced technologies, renewable energies, medical equipment and real estate. We provide green solutions with environmental awareness and newest trends in sustainability, prefabrication, and reduction of site-based construction.  Our systems play a part in buildings within the community, commercial, hospitals, industrial, agricultural, and housing markets with offers for full-service turnkey construction solutions.

Hospitals and Medical Clinics

Elomax represents a global development and construction company of medical facilities with projects ranging from ground up construction to redesigning existing medical facilities.  By utilizing expert architects, designers, doctors, nurses, administrators, contractors and technical professionals, we are able to take a medical facility from the initial design to welcoming the first patient. Our staff is dedicated in providing the finest medical care and modern medical techniques for quality patient care. 

Aquaculture Campuses

Elomax is in partnership with companies with highly qualified scientists and engineers that have brought the ancient practice of Aquaculture into the 21st century with the creation of fully integrated, environmentally responsible aquaculture farming campus.  With the rising concerns for our global environment, mercury and heavy metal poisoning in our seafood, and the dangers of antiquated fishing techniques to many threatened and endangered species, aquaculture offers a clean, safe, secure environment for maximum production.  Areas of development include white fish, crab, shrimp, oysters, and lobster.

Port Development: Design & Engineering

Our Port Development team consists of a team of qualified engineers and technicians that come with 30 years of experience in engineering and construction of offshore oil ports and have participated over 50 projects in over 19 countries such as Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Thailand, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates and America (San Francisco). With experience in design, engineering and development we can take a project from the design stage to full operation with a fabrication yard, quays with strategies for the port to more than just about oil and gas. Ports can be a great income generation with the development of attractive quays for tourism and families. He and his skilled team of engineers and technicians have built Off-shore installation barges.