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Welcome To Elomax Capital Inc.

Elomax connects investors to business, real estate and development projects in Canada and developing nations.  Through our strategic relationships we create opportunities for partnerships to help companies and nations achieve social, commercial, development, and humanitarian goals. 

Elomax team of competent professionals are engaged for each project and investment. With an understanding of the great challenges facing developing nations and emerging economies, we ensure and that jobs are provided for the local people, and for women and youth.  We believe that increasing employment opportunities is critical for the peace and sustainability of a nation's economies.

We provide optimum service to our clients by coordinating investment meetings, business forums and networking opportunities for successful negotiations and implementation of projects to our Canadian and global clients.

Our team of experienced professionals provides business development expertise, support and strategy execution to new entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders who are looking to explore new market opportunities, forge global business relationships and take the next innovative idea to the market.

We also provide new technologies for building developments, agriculture, and energy.  Elomax in partnership can make dreams a reality.

What's New


CLN Business Forum
Toronto, May 20, 2016


CLN Business Forum
Toronto, May 15, 2015


CLN Business Forum
Toronto, May 16, 2014

Business Meeting with Government and Business Leaders
Kenya, August 29, 30, 2014

Business and Leadership Forum
St. Lucia, September 10-13, 2014

Business Forum
South Africa, October 3, 2014


Covenant Wealth Forum
Singapore: March 1-2, 2013

Business Luncheon
Jakarta: March 9, 2013

Business Luncheon
Batam: March 15, 2013

Business & Economic Forum
Toronto: May 17, 2013


Business & Economic Forum
Papua New Guinea: Sept. 14, 2012


Business, Economic Luncheon
Batam: February 12, 2011

Business, Economic Forum
Toronto: May 20, 2011


Trade Delegation to Accra
Ghana: November 20-21, 2010